Korean War Section

“In Korea we were issued a Press Pass, signed by General MacArthur, which gave us access to commands at all levels.  On my beat no officer refused me any information about activities of their units.  We were allowed and encouraged to use names of all individuals, enlisted or officer, featured in our stories.  We had complete freedom of the press even if a story might have shed an unfavorable light on an event.  We were not writing opinion articles or editorials.  In one instance, however, the editor in Tokyo asked me to gather the opinions of officers and enlisted men on the firing of General MacArthur by President Harry Truman.  The GI’s gave me mixed opinion, but the officers, except one, declined to comment.  That one was a Major General, who will remain nameless.  This reaction: ‘What a hell of a way to run a railroad!'”

Written by former Staff Sergeant Arthur M. Millholland