Board Member Jim Martin presents the Stars and Stripes Proclamation for Independence, Missouri to Mayor Rory Rowland

Day 1: August 10, 2022 – Independence, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri

Board Member, Jim Martin is kicking off the first leg of a 4,400-mile, 23-day Journey recognizing cities from Missouri to the West Coast that are working to embrace, celebrate, encourage, and promote citizenship, commitment, and service within their communities. We will be posting his progress, including pictures and links to radio or other media interviews as he continues his journey.

As a representative of the National Stars and Stripes Museum and Library, he will be recognizing these cities and presenting proclamations to the mayors or their representatives.

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, on behalf of the National Stars and Stripes Museum and Library, Jim Martin presented proclamations to Kansas City, Missouri, and Independence, Missouri. Mayor Rory Rowland accepted the proclamation for Independence, Missouri as one of our first Stars and Stripes cities! Mayor Rowland is a major Truman fan and a 40-year Independence resident.

Jim Martin also presented the proclamation for Kansas City, Missouri to Special Assistant to Mayor Quentin Lucas, Amber Moore. Amber is a wonderful young advocate of informed citizenship, commitment, and service.