History of the Museum

When the idea of a museum of national stature was proposed to be located in Bloomfield, Missouri, many asked, “Why Bloomfield?” Ken Zumwalt, an editor who served on six editions of the Stars and Stripes after WWII, said, “Why not Bloomfield?” While others suggested that such an important tribute to history should be located in our nation’s capital, or perhaps in New York City, he supported this endeavor.  

Bloomfield has turned out to be the perfect place since it is the true and actual birthplace of the original military newspaper, The Stars and Stripes. The original newspaper was printed in Bloomfield, Missouri on November 9, 1861. 

In addition, Bloomfield, Missouri is geographically centered between St. Louis, and Memphis, Tennessee; this makes it ideally and conveniently located to visitors from both major cities (virtually just minutes off of I-55/57).   

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